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The face behind
The Milk Makers

Hi Everyone,
I'm Hannah and this is my beautiful family, I'm the face behind The Milk Makers. I'm 26yrs old and mother to 3 girls Paetyn, Sadie & Rory. I became a mother when I was 18 and I loved everything about it. I had such an interest in pregnancy and breast feeding it amazed me what our bodies can do. Being a young mum had its challenges and judgement but no matter what age you are there is nothing more rewarding then being a mother. I recently had my third child Rory and started making lactation cookies for myself and a few friends, it quickly caught on and there for The Milk Makers was created. Personally I've never actually had an issue with my own milk supply but eat cookies to get those extra vitamins, minerals and fatty-acids. I also think they are something special just for mum, I'm sure if your a mother you know sharing is the usual and there isn't much you can say is just yours! That's just one of the many reasons I love lactation cookies. My passion is helping and supporting other mum's. Please feel free to reach out or become a page member and join our forum. It is an online community of mum's supporting mum's somewhere to share your experiences or ask questions.